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Next time when you have a free Sunday afternoon and you are not sure what to do, why not solve a jigsaw puzzle together with your cat? This multi-functional scratching toy encourages your feline friend’s natural instinct, so make sure they find the missing piece!

Toy & scratch pad in one
Available in two colours, the PUZZLE combines two products: a useful scratch pad to help your cat keep its claws in good condition and an intelligence toy which your cat can play with. The corrugated cardboard surface is surrounded by a track with two balls with bells which can be easily reached from the sides. The whirling motion of the balls will continue to stimulate your cat to come back for more.

Indoor exercise
Every cat owner knows that their feline friends have a natural desire to hunt. Unlike outdoor cats, indoor cats have limited entertainment and exercise options during the day. To replace the interesting things they would have found outside, the PUZZLE toy has been created. It promotes healthy exercise but simultaneously fulfills your cat’s instinctual desires to chase and hunt.

Mix ‘n match
Our feline friends love to scratch furniture for exercise, pleasure and marking their territory, so why not mix that instinct with a bit of fun? When purchasing more than one PUZZLE piece, you are able to combine the pieces and finish the entire jigsaw. Your cat will surely experience the puzzling game as fun and will not leave the jigsaw unfinished!

  • Eco-friendly and fun scratching toy
  • Features a scratch pad to entice your cat to scratch
  • Includes two balls with bells that roll around for interactive fun
  • Provide hours of entertainment to cats of all ages
  • Mix ‘n match: multiple pieces will complete the entire jigsaw
  • Available in two colours: black & white
  • Dimensions: 30 x 42 x 6 cm

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