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Puppy Musthaves

District 70 - 29 / Dec / 2023

Puppy Musthaves

Are you expecting to have a wagging tail running around your home soon? There's a lot involved in welcoming a puppy into your family so here are some essential recommendations to provide the most warm and comfortable welcome in their new forever home.

The day has come to pick up your canine, so exciting! Be aware that puppy’s tend to be anxious when leaving their dog parents and siblings behind which used to be their safe space and is abruptly taking away from them. Knowing this, it is important to prepare a comfortable and calm retreat for your pup to get used to their new home.

Realizing the importance of the above, we have thoughtfully designed a crate concept to ensure your fluffy new arrival has everything they need to transform from their first to their forever home.

Two-door CRATE

This foldable metal dog crate features two doors, one on the front and one on the side which makes it easy for a dog to enter and to properly clean. The crate is available in five sizes to accommodate all types of dog breeds.

SHERPA Crate Mat

A comfortable and stylish mat made from special berber fleece material for extra comfort. It is filled with a tufted and poly-fiber foam cushion that helps to retain the mat in shape and provide support for the pup. The cover can be easily removed by a zipper to wash off dirt and is machine washable at 30 degrees. The crate mat is designed to fit most common crate sizes and available in colours dark grey, mocca and merengue.

SHERPA Crate Divider

The SHERPA crate divider allows you to adjust the space of living area as your puppy grows into its adult size. This divider is made from the same material as the mat. The divider is easy to install by attaching the strings on each corner to the crate. The divider is designed into five different sizes and available in colours dark grey, mocca and merengue.

CRATE cover

The most distinguished detail of this concept! This stylish crate cover offers an enclosed environment for a dog while resting or sleeping. The crate cover encloses the entire crate but the zipper makes it possible to close off the front or sideways and the other way around. On one side of the cover is a sachet where small toys can be stored. The cover is made of canvas and cotton, but cotton is known for shrinking so that is why it is recommended to wash the cover by hand. The CRATE cover is available in five different sizes and available in colors sand and grey.

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