Essentials to get through the cold days Our recommendations for a cozy winter

  • Built for everyday use-1

Outdoor ready Built for everyday use

Gear up for a comfortable sleep anywhere you go with the LODGE dog bed and crate mat. Made from durable polyester with a water-repellent coating on one side that protects against spills and accidents and a comfy fleece fabric on the other side, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. Perfect for autumn days!

  • Peaceful hideout for pets-1

Discover the CASA Peaceful hideout for pets

Stylish home decor is not just for people. Why not give your furry friend furniture that he or she will love? The CASA adds comfort for your pet as well as being eye-catching and elegant for your interior.

  • Cat Houses & Dens

    Cat Houses & Dens

    Why not give your furry friend the furniture that he or she will love? Our collection cat houses & dens add comfort for our pet as well as being eye-catching and elegant for your interior.

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  • Scratching Furniture

    Scratching Furniture

    Any item that incorporates a corrugated cardboard pattern always has a stunning effect on cats. The corrugated cardboard is used by cats to scratch in order to sharpen their claws and to give themselves a good stretch.

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  • Scratching Toys

    Scratching Toys

    Our scratching toys are designed for interactive play. Not only will your cat be entertained for an endless amount of time, these interactive toys also provide the necessary exercise to maintain your cat's health and prevent boredom.

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  • Cat Beds

    Cat Beds

    What would be nicer for your cat than curling up in a cosy and stylish bed for a quick or dedicated snooze? Our collection cat beds offers your cat a perfect retreat for relaxation!

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  • Dog beds

    Dog beds

    Your dog will probably sleep for about 16 hours a day, so why not give them the best bed possible? Our collection dog beds & pillows provides your dog the utmost comfort and give them a place to snooze in comfort.

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  • Bowls


    These BAMBOO bowls for dogs and cats are designed to be functional, durable and attractive. Made from strong and durable bamboo, the bowls are suitable for holding either food or water and are dishwasher safe.

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