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5 Kitten Proof Gifts

District 70 - 19 / Jan / 2024

5 Kitten Proof Gifts

There is nothing more exciting than the anticipation for a new furry feline friend to welcome into your home, their forever home. You might be on the waitlist for a special breed or spontaneously decide to welcome a kitten into your family. Both scenarios require as much enthusiasm so here are our recommendations for the perfect kitten gifts for a warm welcome.

Kittens are either asleep or playing and running around. Leaving their mom and siblings behind can be stressful so be aware that a kitten can be very nervous while entering its new home and will probably seek a place to hide. During the first hours or days it is best to give a kitten space to explore the room, furniture and overall new scents and eventually it will make contact for cuddles and comfort. All of these new impressions are very tiring so providing a kitten with a comfy bed is a must.

1. FUZZ – Cat Bed

The perfect spot your little feline to dive in and curl up for a warm nap. You may see the kitten start kneading in the bed, you may recognize it as ‘’making biscuits’’ from social media but this is a way of telling that she/he feels safe as this would be something they did on the belly of their mother cat. The cat bed is available in sand, pink, light grey and dark grey.

2. CASA Teddy – Cat House

Not only a cute cat house to look at it but also a warm retreat for your kitten if they prefer a more secluded spot to relax. The soft teddy cushion inside will keep your feline warm. The cat house is available in cream, mocca and dark grey.

3. BLOOM – Scratch Toy

A scratch toy cannot be missed in a household with kittens (or adult cats). This compact scratch toys offers the possibility to scratch and play at the same time. The scratch pad will sharpen those tiny nails and the two tinkling balls inside will activate their hunting instincts! BLOOM is available in black and white.

4. GLOW, FAIRY or PURE – Felt Ball Toys

Just one scratch toy is not enough for an energetic kitten, playing is an important instinct and basic need of the cat! Rolling the felted cat balls encourages your kitten to chase. The round shape and its light weight design will make them fly across the room. The felt balls are available in different colour palettes.

5. BAMBOO Cat Bowl

Let’s not forget this very important detail in preparation for welcoming your kitten. Kittens require more food to support their growth, especially in the first 6 to 12 months of their life they will be very hungry. Make sure you have some food and water prepared upon arrival so they can smell and discover this in their first moments at home. Be aware to not place water and kibble too close to each other, to prevent bacteria. The cat bowls are available in merengue, ice blue and dark grey.

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